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I Did Murph Workout for 30 Days, Here’s How My Body Changed

A Crossfit workout consists of much more intense circuit training, which focuses on the whole body instead of just one part. If you’ve ever visited the gym regularly, then you know that some days are “leg” days, others are “arm” days and so on. With Crossfit, you use almost every muscle you have during each session.

A 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and a 1-mile run again. That’s what the Murph workout consists of. Sound tough? Absolutely! But that’s the reason why I decided to do it for 30 days in a row. Challenge accepted!

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What if you’re a fitness noob 0:56
Important tips 1:28
Day 1. No turning back! 2:48
Day 2. I forgot about one important thing 3:23
Day 7. This workout is grueling 3:58
Day 12. What ruined my uplifting attitude 4:27
Day 13. Tough morning 4:56
Day 15. The first changes in my body 5:27
Day 21. The turning point 5:52
Day 30. Did I achieve my goal? 6:29
My results 💪 6:54

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– If I were a fitness noob, I’d never even think about going through this challenge. Because it can be dangerous for your health.
– Don’t work out on an empty stomach. Your body needs fuel for a good performance.
– Don’t try to sprint the first mile. It’s your warm-up, so don’t waste all your energy on it.
– Don’t forget about breaks. Have a 30-second rest between reps. Halfway through the workout, take 3-4 minutes to wipe off the sweat and drink some water.
– Being in pretty good shape, running the first mile was easy peasy. After that, I went through 20 sets that consisted of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats each.
– I realized that I forgot about one important thing – stretching. As you probably know, it helps with post-workout soreness.
– I guess I could say that the first week went smooth. I mean, of course, I still felt unbelievably exhausted after each session. But I was happy that I wasn’t tempted to give up.
– Halfway through my ordeal, I noticed the first changes in my body. You see, I work at the office and must wear shirts and ties. And when I put on my favorite shirt after the workout, I realized it was too tight on me.
– The beginning of the third week was the turning point in my challenge. I guess my body was just mad at me because I put it through such strenuous training without a single day of rest.
– The last workout was the most satisfying one I’ve ever had. The pain and tiredness didn’t even bother me. I guess I can chalk this up as a victory.
– I got way stronger. Also, my body became more defined. Especially the lats on my back! I didn’t take measurements, but I’m pretty sure my back got wider.
– But the most important changes were in my mind. I can’t remember the last time I was this proud of myself.
– I’m so grateful for this difficult but rewarding experience that I decided to trade in my gym membership for the Murph workout every day.

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