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BEAT BELLY BLOATING in an instant! Here are my 7 ways on how you can ease stomach discomfort, improve digestion, and get a flatter tummy!

Here are my 7 Secrets on how to STOP Belly Bloating:
1. Eliminate starches, fats, salts, artificial sweeteners, meat, dairy and sodas/carbonated drinks. Replace these with FullyRaw foods/juicy fruits such as: melons, apples, pears, oranges, grapes, cucumbers, mangoes, tomatoes, or leafy greens such as kale, romaine, spinach, arugula, veggies of your choice. Processed “foods” are all artificial or highly processed and very difficult for the body to digest, which creates gas in the digestive track and causes that belly bloat!

2. Mono-mealing your fruit: Mono-meal improves your digestion by helps you to identify when you’re full so you don’t overeat, easier for digestion and elimination.

3. Drink a LOT of water to stay hydrated; however be sure to always drink water 30 minutes before your meals. I recommend a BIG glass of at least 32 ounces when you first wake up. If you eat during or after meals, this dilutes your digestive juices which equals less efficient digestion.

4. Finish eating early: Those who tend to eat late wake up with belly bloat because they never gave their bodies a chance to digest their final meal.

5. Make exercise a priority! When YOU move, your food moves.

6. Replace a meal with juice–easiest thing for your body to digest because there’s literally no work involved. Easiest meal is breakfast. I recommend these juices.

7. Self-massage. A gentle massaging in a clockwise direction can help facilitate digestion. Even including a drop of therapeutic grade peppermint oil can help ease upset tummies. Start at the bottom near your pelvic bone, where your stomach meets your large intestines, and follow the tract of your food. This will help increase bowel movement.

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