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9-Minute Home Workout for Strong Legs Without Weights

What’s the secret to looking buff and strong? A broad muscular chest, massive arms, and a popping six-pack. And what about legs?A lot of guys dislike training them. Maybe because they probably attract the least attention? But you don’t wanna look like you’re walking around on toothpicks! So don’t forget about Leg Day! If you worked your upper body, make sure to work your lower body soon afterward to get bigger and stronger legs. And forget the gym. Just give this quick at-home leg-building workout a try!

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Walking Lunges 0:26
Regular Squats 1:11
Squat Jumps 2:09
Split Squats 3:00
Squat Pulses 3:59
Elevated Calf Raises 4:45
Lunge Jumps 5:38
Step Ups 6:34
Single Leg Bridge 7:33

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– When doing walking lunges, the muscles in the front of your leg work the most since they have to move your whole body up and forward. This not only strengthens all the leg muscles but also improves your balance and stability.
– Squats work your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps, but they’re also pretty effective for building up your abs and strengthening your lower back and glutes. Besides, they’re a great way to burn tons of calories really fast, maintain your heart health, and improve your lung capacity.
– Squat jumps help tone your calves, quads, and hammies as well as your glutes and core muscles. It’s also cool in that it involves the arms a little more than traditional squats and definitely a lot more cardio!
– Split squats is a great lower-body exercise since squatting deeply with just one leg really targets the stabilizer muscles and, as a bonus, improves your balance!
– When you do squat the pulses, you constantly engage and stimulate your leg muscles. Plus, you can hold the movement longer and tire your muscles in a different way than when you do just a standard squat.
– Elevated calf raises will have your calves looking bigger, stronger, and more defined. Plus, it increases your ankle strength, so you won’t be as prone to spraining or twisting them.
– Lunge jumps develop your lower body strength and endurance by targeting the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and hip flexors. Besides, it’s a perfect cardio exercise, and it stabilizes your core, improves your coordination, and builds ankle stability.
– Step ups work pretty much every muscle in your legs as well as your glutes for an added bonus!
– The single leg bridge is a great exercise to work all three glute muscles, train your hamstrings, and strengthen your lower back. If it seems too easy for you, do this exercise with a barbell or dumbbell lying securely across your hipbones.

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