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The Best Workout for Your Body Type

Are you an ectomorph? Or an endomorph? Or, perhaps, you’re a lucky mesomorph? Every single person has a specific body type, and knowing yours can be of great help if you want to build the body of your dreams. Adjust your workout to your body type, and you’ll achieve the best results!

For example, look at Usain Bolt. He’s an ectomorph. They are those lucky types who can eat whatever they want and never get love handles or too much of a bottom. Then there are endomorphs. These are the exact opposite of the previous type: short, stocky, and with a tendency to gain weight from every single crumb eaten after lunch. And finally, the fortunate mesomorphs. They have this perfect balance of muscle and fat, along with a natural ability to change their body to their liking, and fast. Let’s see what’s your type!

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Ectomorph (Usain Bolt) 0:50
Endomorph (Danny De Vito) 1:23
Mesomorph (Christian Bale) 1:56

Ectomorph regimen 2:47
Endomorph regimen 4:56
Mesomorph regimen 7:23

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– Ectomorphs also have difficulty gaining muscle mass, so however hard they work out, they stay lean and can’t ever bulk up even if they want to.
– Endomorphs struggle to slim down, and their prominent gut and wide hips might be killing them if they decide to walk the athletic path. There’s always a bright side, though, so endomorphs are naturally more powerful than ectomorphs, and they make excellent bodybuilders or weightlifters.
– Mesomorphs lose their bulk as easily too, so it’s not like they take a walk in the park and come home with shredded legs.
– Of course, these three body types are not categorical, and you can find yourself somewhere in-between.
– Ectomorph regimen. First and foremost, start packing on proteins. Proteins are basically building blocks for your muscles, and combined with carbs, they will help you gain mass in the end. The trouble here is that you should be prepared to eat a lot more than you’ve probably eaten before, because your metabolism is generally faster than that of other people, and you need more nutrients to feed your sinews.
– Endomorphs have the hardest time losing weight. On the bright side, though, — and that’s where we are — you don’t really have to run for hours on end, drowning the treadmill in your sweat. In order to bulk up your upper body and make your looks less pear-like, you should concentrate on getting rid of that belly of yours first, and then do some intense weight-lifting.
– Mesomorph regimen. Your body type allows you to cut yourself a lot of slack without much harm, and most mesomorphs abuse this otherwise cool feature of their body. So in order to make the most of your awesome build, train to achieve. That means you should concentrate on doing everything in moderation, but setting certain goals for yourself.

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