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How to Heal Mind, Body and Spirit – An Introduction to Healing | Sri Avinash

In this introduction to healing, Sri Avinash shares the basic principles needed in order to understand how to heal the mind, body and spirit. The profound wisdom shared by this Master Healer illuminates how we are designed by the Source as a triune being, and how meditation relates to the health, peace and happiness of an individual.

He also shares the critical concept of single pointed focus that is needed in order to understand how to meditate properly to achieve the ultimate benefits of increased energy flow, alignment, good health and the end of mental afflictions such as anxiety and depression.

Energy healing is something that we all have the power to do, and it is a powerful and beautiful gift to use on oneself, a loved one or for the benefit of humanity. Learn how to become an energy healer
and what it takes to become a truly great healer from Master Healer Sri Avinash.

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Sri Avinash is a spiritual Master with an extraordinary gift for energy healing that has deeply transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.

With a goal to end depression, anxiety and mental illness as well as to bring peace to the heart of humanity, Sri Avinash provides the FREE One World Healing Webinars and the Wisdom and Awakening Webinars designed to heal participants and to raise the consciousness of the planet with his wisdom talks, Q&A and Divine Transmissions.

Sri Avinash also runs events across the world designed to bring people true peace and happiness through Intensive Healing Retreats, the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclasses and the Retreats for Inner Transformation.

No matter where people are in the world, all can benefit from Sri Avinash’s daily healing to transform their lives on the Distance Healing Program.

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