Friday , November 27 2020

7-Minute Home Workout for Bigger Chest

How to bulk up the chest at home? Is it even possible to pump up your pecs without weights? A rounded chest with lean muscles – seems like you can only get there if you overpay to sweat on expensive gym machines for months. But these quick at-home chest exercises achieve the same results with no equipment!

There are even some unusual ways you can burn off fat!… Because yes, no matter what your goal is, burning the fat off your chest will help reveal the muscles underneath. You can do typical cardio like running or swimming, or get creative! Dancing for 30 minutes burns about 200 calories, playing the trombone – 160, cleaning the house – 150, and just sleeping burns 40!

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Push-ups 0:19
Incline push-up 0:36
Decline push-up 0:55
Single leg push-up 1:23
Dip push-up 1:38
Half-elevated push-up 1:57
Clap push-up 2:18
Archer push-up 2:34
One-arm push-ups 2:55
Divebomb press-up 3:11
Sliding chest flies 3:33
Push-up hold 3:59
Useful recommendations 4:24

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