Tuesday , October 20 2020

7 Diets in 7 Weeks – Overview

Over the next 7 weeks I will be bringing you a series of videos that cover some of the most popular fad or celebrity diets out there.
Ranging from Paleo to Gluten Free, I will try the most popular diets for an entire week and then give you my feedback on how they were to live with.
I look forward to bringing you all on the journey with me and look forward to hearing all your comments on what I have to say about each diet or your comments on how you went with each diet should you want to try them with me.
Week 1: I Quit Sugar.
This will see me cutting all sugar from my diet which includes fruit, bread, processed foods and of course sugary drinks and sweets.
Thanks for watching and please share this video with anyone you may think might benefit from it, as I want us all to come on this journey and to learn a little more about the foods we are eating and how they effect our bodies.
There is a big world of information out there and it all seems to be in conflict with each other, so I’m hoping this video series begins to clarify a few things for you.

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Celebrity weight loss diets -Inspiring Or Insulting#celebritydiets#weightloss#fabdiets

Celebrity weight loss diets -Inspiring Or Insulting#celebritydiets#weightloss#fabdiets

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