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6 x Tips to Help You Gain Muscle Mass Faster

6 x Tips to Help You Gain Muscle Mass Faster

Gain Muscle Mass – Everyone is now getting more aware of fitness and health issues. More people are finding ways to exercise daily because they either want to lose weight or they want to have a toned body. On the contrary, this rise in the fame of toned bodies is impacting the bodybuilding industry dramatically.

6 x Tips to Help You Gain Muscle Mass Faster - Read Now
Gain Muscle Mass

People are now confusing bodybuilding and getting a toned body. If you are a fan of Henry Cavil or Michael B Jordan you must know how much time you need for the exercises. Apart from this, you need a proper diet as well. When asked about the best thing about bodybuilding, Michael B Jordon talked about the food and general experience. According to him, the daily food intake and exercises keeps him so busy that he has no time left for depression and negative thoughts. This shows that bodybuilding is not just a simple change in your daily life, it is an investment and you need to invest in your body to gain health.

So far, there are so many tips related to diet and exercises that a beginner gets very mixed information. There is no doubt that exercises play a very important role, however without a proper diet, exercises might not work for you at all. If you end up eating too much without exercise, you will soon gain weight but this will be all fat. To sum it all up, you need to consume a lot of calories and to give your body a shape and only to gain muscle and no fats, you need to exercise daily. For the beginner who is struggling to keep a balance, we have listed some of the most important tips that you will not only find easier but more doable. These tips will help you gain muscle faster.

Understand the Concept of Real Food

Everyone will keep talking about the calorie count and to eat more. Whoever everyone will not tell you about how much to eat and what you want to eat. We all know that the notion of food has changed over time and there is no way we are trying to shun your food choices, instead, we are trying to help you to select something that is nourishing. As Micheal Pollan, the famous food writer would like to put it, don’t eat anything your grandmother won’t recognize as food. Eating food just for the sake of filling the belly is not enough. Your diet should be balanced and must have whole foods in it. Try to eat meat, nuts, vegetables, protein, and seeds.

Start With Power Pack Breakfast

We keep hearing about the food quantity and there is no doubt it matters a lot. We have seen people piling up protein shakes for breakfast as well. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that bodybuilding means double fun and more food. You need to have at least two breakfasts, one to help you gain your energy and the second to help you gain the muscles. You can start with a protein shake and then go towards a solid breakfast. As most people talk about coffee and how they miss their coffee at breakfast, you can add coffee to your protein shake. Add two cups of coffee along with sugar and two scoops of protein shake. Some people like to add bananas and dates as well. After one hour, you can then move towards a wholesome breakfast to gain back the energy that you have lost during the night. You can make bacon, eggs, as well as oatmeal or anything that is rich, is protein, and fiber.

Use Technology to Help You Progress

We all love technology because this is the era where everything is completely automated. When we talk about fitness and health, most people will suggest you hire a personal instructor. There is no doubt a personal instructor helps a lot but hiring a personal instructor means spending a lot of money. To reduce the expenses you should switch to consultancy from a food fitness instructor. However, for the daily plan, meal and workout you can take help from online apps. There are so many nutrient-based calculators where you can enter the food that you consume. As a result, you will see the calorie count along with the weight you will gain. Apart from these, some apps will help you in recommending the meals and exercise that you will find helpful.

Protein Pack Is a Real Thing

Everyone keeps talking about a protein pack diet and there is no doubt it is important. Our body needs 9 essential amino acids that are not synthesized by the body and must be acquired from food. Protein is used for healing mainly, this means that during the exercises if your body or the muscle has gone through any wear and tear, you will repair that with the help of protein intake. A protein-packed diet will help you produce cyclin-dependent kinase 2. This compound helps the body with hypertrophy and recovering the body from intense training. In short, you will end up gaining more muscles with the help of protein because they are digested rapidly as compared to other food sources and have a better impact on the body as well.

No to Carbs- A Myth

We keep hearing that carbs are not good for the body. As a result, most bodybuilders only consume protein and nothing else. According to recent research, people who do not consume carbs at all end up getting angry and frustrated. On the contrary, people who take carbs daily maintain a good mood. This happens because our brain mainly depends on readily available sugar for constant work. If the supply of sugar stops, the brain is unable to work properly and hence confusion and frustration are normal. Even if you don’t want to consume carbs at all, your body still needs 2-3 grams per pound, based on the actual body weight.

Eat Before Sleep

According to most nutritionists eating before bed is not healthy. However, this is just limited to people who want to lose weight. In bodybuilding, you want to make sure your body is consuming enough food that you will end up gaining weight. So, just before you go to bed, make sure you snack on something. Most people recommend the use of protein bars but we suggest having something that consists of slow-digesting protein. Your last snack must be at least 30 minutes before your bedtime, this way you will gain muscle.


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