Saturday , November 28 2020

5 Types Of Unhealed Trauma

We’ve all experienced some sort of trauma, and sometimes it can lead to one of the 5 types of unhealed trauma. What are the types of trauma? The 5 types of traumas are discussed in this video are big T trauma, small T trauma, acute trauma, chronic trauma, and complex trauma. Where does PTSD fit? Watch until the end to learn more about the types of trauma.

NOTICE: There is mention of examples of the 5 types of trauma in this video, which can be potentially triggering for some of our community members. If you are experiencing distress from unhealed traumas, please reach out to a trusted professional, or an online community where you feel safe, other Psych2Go members, or your family and friends. Your mental health matters to us here at Psych2Go.

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📎 Credits
Script Writer: Spicevicious
Script Editor: Riley Lin
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Anthony Plantyn
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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