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8-WeeK Workout and Intermittent Fasting Program!

8-WeeK Workout and Intermittent Fasting Program!

In this Livestream, I will go over an 8-week workout and intermittent fasting program to get you lean and muscular for the summer. Find out how to build muscle intermittent fasting.

This is the workout, diet program, and fasting schedule that I will follow over the next eight weeks to put on some muscle and keep my body fat levels relatively low.

In addition, I will do a Q & A at the end of the Livestream to answer all your fitness, health, and fat burning questions.

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What I Eat In a Day To Stay Lean and Fit!

Two Meals A Day for FAST Fat Burning (What Nobody Told You)

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πŸ‘ You can work with Mike Cola online to lose weight, build muscle and improve your health.

60-minute Individualized Health and Fitness Consulting with Mike Cola.

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30 Day Online Wellness and Fitness Coaching with Mike Cola

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I help busy people lose weight and get into fantastic shape with practical lifestyle strategies!
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