Tuesday , August 16 2022

1 Hour of Pop Workout Songs ♫

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Enjoy a fun and sweaty workout session to these colorful treats!

00:00 Basixx feat. Frigga – Hands On Your Body
03:06 Siine feat. Danny Shea – Better Came Along
05:57 Aiyo feat. Frank Moody – Leave It All Over Again
09:02 Chris Coral feat. AdamAlexander – Lies (Killrude Remix)
11:44 Vacancy feat. Mia Pfirrman – Seven You
15:28 Cacti feat. Cospe – Tropical Storm (Cospe Remix)
19:04 Chris Coral feat. AdamAlexander – Young (Hallman Remix)
22:14 Ramin – Strange Brew
26:01 Lvly feat. Dai – No Money On My Mind (Chez Remix)
29:01 Siine feat. Jowen – Hard Way To Better
31:55 Basixx feat. Frigga – Like a Hurricane
35:09 Josh Gram – Take Cover
37:55 Siine feat. Frank Moody – Sleeping In My Head (Manta Circle Remix)
40:44 Tape Machines feat. Jowen – No Sugar Coated Love (oomiee Remix)
43:46 Hallman – Starfields
46:27 DJ Mayson – Back For Love
49:50 Catiso – Pegasus
52:23 Lvly feat. Vicki Vox – Wild
55:28 Siine – Blanket
58:09 Elijah N – Everybody

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